At Arancia Physical Therapy, we treat each person as a whole, recognizing that every part works together and is connected. We specialize in myofascial release, which is gentle, drawn out stretching through sustained pressure into the connective tissue called fascia. An MFR treatment will never cause injury. We do not use force and we do not try to “fix”; however, we utilize the JFB MFR approach in combination with muscle energy techniques, mobilization, and manipulation, as it is often times fascial restrictions which create osseous restrictions in the body to begin with. Blood flow improves and tension/pressure lessens as the tissue is gently stretched, enhancing flexibility and reducing pain. The goal, which has been successful where other treatments have not, is to improve the mobility, comfort, range of motion, and everyday movements for patients.

Arancia Physical Therapy is different from other forms of therapy as we use the JFB Myofascial Release approach. Through this approach, we treat the whole body, not just the symptoms, we also look for a cause elsewhere in the body. If someone has neck pain…instead of just looking at the neck, we will evaluate the whole body to see if there’s something else causing the pain. If only the neck was treated and we didn’t look elsewhere for a cause, relief would be temporary. Myofascial release helps problems that have not responded to traditional therapies such as massage, medication, chiropractic and surgery, bringing about lasting results.

Deep beneath the surface of skin, extending far down in the muscle spindle and organelles, we have a superficial layer of fascia that reaches all the way down to our bones. It is here that our skin’s shape is maintained, and our muscles and organs are held separate from one another, but together in this layer underneath our skin.

Fascia is a lot like an ordinary, run of the mill Arancia, or orange. When we peel an orange, it easily separates into slices that are divided by a sturdy, transparent tissue, and that tissue is similar to the fascia under our skin. The slices of oranges are held together under the thick outer skin by a thinner white layer of pith, which is analogous to the superficial fascial layers that run throughout our bodies. In the very center of the orange, there is a long, white center that keeps the orange connected and intact until it’s pulled off or the slices are physically separated. This center connector is much like the deeper fascial layer beneath our skin. These deeper fascial layers both hold our individual muscles and organs apart from one another, but simultaneously hold them together in the same layer underneath the skin.

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