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Scar Tissue & Adhesions

The external appearance of a scar can be misleading, because it does not always indicate the extent of the underlying tissue damage. After injury, this tissue damage can disrupt fibrillar harmony. Our physiological mechanisms combat this trauma, and the wound is sealed quickly and efficiently through scarring. Myofascial Release can be very helpful in managing

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“You Have to Feel to Heal”

A fascial release feels different to different people. Some describe it as stretching bubble gum or taffe. Sometimes people don’t feel anything and other times it’s very abrupt. Other times, there’s initial pain that diminishes as the fascia releases. Other feelings and sensations might include tingling or searing, cold or warmth, tearing or even the

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What You Must Know Before You Strengthen!

Before adding strengthening exercises, the JFB MFR approach works the body to restore balance, evenness, ease of movement, and flexibility. If strengthening happens first, the postural dysfunctions could end up being stuck in place longer than if they were stretched out first. Depending on the person, various types of movement or exercises may be appropriate.

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The Importance of UNWINDING!

Unwinding, similar to a cat stretching when they first get up, is very natural and something that feels very good for our bodies. Unwinding might seem awkward or forced at first especially if we aren’t used to letting our body move on it’s own. Also, if you’re not in tune with your body, you might

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