Bike Safely: Make Sure You Are Not Spinning Out of Control!


It is May which means…Happy National Bike Month! Biking is a great way to get outdoors, especially now that the weather is warming up and spring is in the air. This month, we wanted to honor National Bike Month by providing you with some biking tips along with some of the benefits of cycling, as well as the importance of listening to your own body. If you are new to biking/cycling or are curious about getting into this activity, this is the place for you! Follow along below for some of the best tips for biking as well as some of the awesome benefits that it provides:

Best Biking Tips!

-Make sure your bike is a proper fit to your body

-If you are cycling/biking for the exercise and for long distances, wear clothes that are a tight fit to your body and that don’t have loose pieces that could get caught in the chain or wheels of your bike, as this can be very dangerous

-Wear proper sneakers or biking shoes

-Be aware of your surroundings & make sure you are biking in an area that you are familiar with, for your own safety

-Always have water on hand, especially when biking long distances

-Eat foods that fuel your body! Foods that are high in protein are great for people who bike often and regularly. Make sure you are eating foods that keep you fueled and energized for your long bike rides!

-Always remember to WEAR A HELMET! 

Benefits of Biking:

-Releases adrenaline & endorphins, which boosts the mood and overall mental wellbeing 

-Strengthens the immune system

-Promotes fitness and burns fat

-Builds muscle

-Promotes better lung health

-Boosts energy levels

-Reduces risk for cancer and heart disease

-Cycling/Biking are low impact, which means you won’t suffer the damage to your knees and joints that you might while jogging

-Great for the environment!

-Promotes better, healthier sleep

-Boosts your brain power

-Improves spacial awareness

-If you join a cycling or biking club in your community, it is a great way to socialize and make friends!

Don’t Let Yourself Spin Out of Control

Now that we are well into spring and the weather is (finally!) warming up, you are probably looking forward to getting back into the outdoor activities that you missed over the winter. It is extremely beneficial to get outside to get some fresh air and exercise, especially after being cooped up inside during the colder months!

As you get back into the outdoor activities that you love, whether that be biking/cycling, running, swimming, etc, it is important to remember to listen to your body so you don’t “spin out of control.” If you begin experiencing pain or discomfort anywhere in your body, it is important to not push yourself to go any further. This is usually your body signaling to you that there might be something bigger at play, like an injury that has gone unnoticed for some time.

Be sure to consult with a medical professional that you trust before resuming physical activity. If you have mystery pain that you have not been able to conquer and you are longing to get back to the outdoor activities that you enjoy, contact us today. We want you to enjoy your summer, pain-free!

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