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Category: Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Floor Pain Apr19th 2021

Pelvic Floor Pain: Success Story

When it comes to pelvic floor pain, specifically pelvic pain in women, there is a lot that is not talked about and information that is not broadcasted as widely as other female health issues, or health issues in general. For example, when postpartum health is discussed in medical articles or social media, we mostly see

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Childbirth vs. A Torn Rotator Cuff Mar29th 2021

Childbirth vs. A Torn Rotator Cuff

Whenever someone has suffered physical trauma, it’s typical that they will receive a prescription for physical therapy from their doctor for the recovery process. That is because it’s important to regain strength and stability with the help of an expert to avoid problems later down the line. For example, if someone tore their rotator cuff,

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How Our Product Choices Affect Our Pelvic Health Mar15th 2021

How Our Product Choices Affect Our Pelvic Health

Many people are awakening to the truth about what’s in their food and how certain ingredients negatively affect their health. Most of us, however, don’t stop to consider the ingredients in the personal care products that grace our most delicate regions and how they might be affecting our pelvic health. Just like the foods we

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bladder health Feb10th 2021

How to Support Your Bladder Health Naturally

Each day, adults pass about a quart and a half of urine through the bladder and out of the body. You use your bladder several times a day, but do you know what you should do to keep this organ healthy? The bladder is one of those body parts that you probably don’t think about

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