Without Risking SURGERY,

Conquer Mystery Pain is designed to help you figure out what will work best for YOU—and your pain today—and effective exercises and stretches to prevent that pain from coming back tomorrow.

Through my course, my goals are to help you:

Identify and understand the root cause of your pain;
Kickstart your healing with rapid pain relief;
Self-care stretches and correction for long-term results

So that you can:

Get back to your favorite activities;
Get through the workday without having to feel pain;
Get back to enjoying your life again

I know that it’s hard when the pain always seems to come back. It’s hard feeling like there’s nothing you can do on your own. It’s hard wanting to do something about your pain but not knowing what. 

If you feel like your pain is telling you what you can and cannot do, you might be feeling like it has an influence on you physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

In my course, Conquering Mystery Pain, I will help show you how to take back your life and get you back to doing what you love the most with videos of helpful self-care stretches and corrections. 

After the course, I hope you’ll be acquainted with useful knowledge that can help you pinpoint the reasons for your pain and practical advice that can alleviate some of that pain in your day-to-day. 

I want you to help you take back control of your life—and that first step is not letting pain have control over you. 

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This course can help you, like it has helped so many others:

Hear How Our Patients Describe Their Results

It was last year and we were hiking around Mount Hood and I’m going, like, “thank you, Jessica.” I scream it in the woods because it’s like, if I hadn’t met her, I would never, I mean, so many things I can do now that if I didn’t find her and do the things that she’s taught me to do, I wouldn’t be doing the things when I had a place like that when I’m at the top of a mountain, having lunch with my granddaughter and I go like, “wow, I never thought in 2016 at 71, I’d be doing this.

- Anne F.