Meet the Team

Ariana Held, Marketing Assistant

If you have visited our site before, you probably don’t remember me! My name is Ariana Held, but you can call me Ari for short. I am going to be working with Dr. Jess to assist her with Arancia’s marketing needs! 

I currently reside in Newport, Rhode Island, and I am originally from Franklin, Massachusetts. I graduated from Marist College in 2016 with a degree in business marketing, and then again in 2018 with my master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications. I worked in the Consumer Care department for Dunkin’ Brands in Canton, Mass for about two and a half years, until I decided to take a leap of faith and move to San Diego, California to live with my sister! Life was great in sunny California until the pandemic hit and the both of us realized it was time to come back to the east coast. And I must say, as someone who missed the seasons while in southern California, I am happy to be back!

I have an educational and work background in marketing, but one of my true passions is writing. One of my biggest goals is to eventually write a book. This is something I have thought about for a long time, and I am now starting to look for inspiration so I can get some ideas under my belt! For a long time I struggled with trying to find a position that would allow me to practice my writing skills and create new, creative content this way. I feel very lucky that I found Dr. Jess and that as her digital marketing assistant, I will be able to hone in on these skills that I feel so passionate about. I have always had an eye for creativity, so to be able to showcase this for the Arancia brand is something I am very excited about!

Outside of my work here at Arancia, I love the outdoors and all kinds of outdoor activities. My favorite winter activity is skiing, which is partly why I was happy to move back to the east coast! I have been skiing since I was about 3 years old, and it is something I have always enjoyed doing with my family over the years. I am also a lover of dance, as I took dance classes from ages 3-18, and then I even participated in a dance ensemble all throughout college. My favorite style of dance would have to be hip hop- I love how upbeat and fun it is, it definitely releases stress and gets those endorphins out! 

I am also currently enjoying living in the beautiful city of Newport. It is such a quaint area that encompasses the picturesque New England lifestyle that I have always wanted to experience. There is nothing like living so close to the ocean, and I definitely don’t take it for granted!

Overall, I am very excited to be working with Dr. Jess to assist her with Arancia’s various marketing needs and projects. I can’t wait to be able to utilize my creativity and writing skills in a position like this, and to also witness the wonderful physical and mental transformation that Jess’s patients get to experience. I have not had experience working in the healthcare field yet, so this is something new that I am looking forward to experiencing as well! I am looking forward to meeting more of you in person as you come in for your visits. Until next time!