Pelvic Floor Pain: Success Story

Pelvic Floor Pain

Written by: Ariana Held


When it comes to pelvic floor pain, specifically pelvic pain in women, there is a lot that is not talked about and information that is not broadcasted as widely as other female health issues, or health issues in general. For example, when postpartum health is discussed in medical articles or social media, we mostly see topics such as breast-feeding, c-section recovery, vaginal birth recovery, weight loss/gain, etc. This is all great information and it should all be shared and talked about often, but what is not often talked about is the source of what a lot of these postpartum (and pre-partum) issues stem from: the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is one of the core parts of the body where a lot of pain stems from, specifically in women who have given birth. But, pelvic floor pain can still exist in women who have not given birth and in men as well. This type of physical pain can be caused by a number of physical traumas in addition to carrying a baby and giving birth. Women and men can end up with pelvic floor pain through various injuries, whether that be from a car accident, sports-related injury, menstruation, infection, inflammation, and the list goes on. This kind of physical pain can lead to other painful areas of the body, and has the ability to throw off your body’s entire equilibrium. Sometimes, you might not even realize that other painful areas in your body are linked directly to pain happening within your pelvic floor. Women who have not given birth may not even recognize that the pain is stemming from this area, as it can be more difficult to recognize an injury occurring in this part of the body when it doesn’t have a more “obvious” cause, like pregnancy and birth.

Patient Success Spotlight: Kathryn Casey!

To highlight pelvic floor pain and the importance of receiving pelvic floor therapy, we are excited to showcase one of our amazing patients, Kathryn Casey! Kathryn was referred to Arancia PT by her mom and current patient, Kelly Casey. Kathryn is a perfect example of a young woman who began experiencing pelvic floor pain at a young age, despite not having an “obvious” cause to link the pain to. She is twenty-four years old, and she is a primary example that it is never too early (or too late!) to begin receiving pelvic floor treatment, or any kind of physical therapy for that matter. Her goal was to heal her body, and we are so glad that she took the initiative and came in to see Dr. Jess, as it has benefitted her in such a positive way. Her dedication and commitment to taking time out of her busy schedule to see Dr. Jess regularly has paid off for her, and her story shows that with proper dedication to your physical and emotional well-being, anyone can heal their bodies and get back to enjoying an active lifestyle. After experiencing three years of chronic pain and not receiving the help she needed from her gynecologist, she began seeking out other options. She was referred to Dr. Jess by her mom Kelly, and the rest is history! Dr. Jess’ treatment sessions also showed Kathryn that the headaches she had been experiencing were also tied to her pelvic pain, something she would not have learned otherwise from her gynecologist. This is important to note, as many health issues or chronic pain we experience are tied to other parts of the body that we would not normally recognize. Kathryn’s pain is now virtually non-existent, as her treatments with Dr. Jess has not only healed her pain, but kept it away long-term. Read below to see what Kathryn has to say about her experience with Dr. Jess at Arancia PT!

I went to see Dr. Jess after 3 years of dealing with chronic pelvic pain from an old injury. After not getting the help I needed from my gynecologist, I looked into other options. It was at my first appointment that I learned the frequent headaches I was getting were also tied into it. Obviously, dealing with pelvic floor issues can make you feel anxious or uneasy, but Dr. Jess made me feel comfortable and safe. Since my first 10 sessions with her, my chronic pelvic pain is almost non-existent. Dr. Jess provided me with stretches to do at home to keep me on track until my next session. I recommend her to anyone looking to get relief from chronic pain.”

We are so excited for Kathryn being able to return to her regular active lifestyle, pain-free! She is an amazing example that anyone has the ability to heal their pain long-term with the right amount of dedication and commitment. It is also great to spotlight pelvic pain therapy, as a lot of people and especially women, experience this every day. We hope her story inspires more women and men to get the help they need so they can return to their normal lifestyles without the shackles of mystery pain holding them back. Cheers to Kathryn!

If you are living with pelvic floor pain, we can help! Contact our office in Cranston, RI today for pain relief!

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