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We're proud that our clients get to bring back activities and adventures they hold dear, including:

  • Weekly bike rides with their spouse
  • Hiking trips with their granddaughter
  • Friend and family cookouts
  • Playing on the floor with their grandchildren
  • Tending to the garden again
  • Taking dance lessons
  • Being present and productive at work
  • Hanging out regularly with friends

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  • Catherine C

    Working with Dr. Jess is wonderful. I have a length-leg discrepancy that has hindered me my whole life. Physical therapy is a wonderful thing and can really shift your body. Dr. Jess is quite precise and purposeful in her treatments and is very talented as a healer, physically, and emotionally. I had a wonderful experience at Arancia Physical Therapy and they gave me my life back!

    - Catherine C
  • John S

    I was in a car accident 40 years and have been dealing with neck pain, restricted motion, and constant headaches almost daily. Dr. Papa is an exceptional physical therapist and together we made a plan to get me out of pain quickly. She is an incredible healer and recommend her if you want lasting relief.

    - John S
  • Donna A

    I am a mouth cancer survivor and of all the physical therapists I have been to, Arancia Physical Therapy is totally different. They provide a soothing atmosphere and relaxing, painless treatments. I recommend you try it for yourself if you want true physical and emotional healing.

    - Donna A
  • This program was so helpful! It has given me my life back! After suffering with Fibromyalgia for years, my pain is finally gone! I feel so much better now that I don’t have to rely on pain pills and numbing creams just to get through the day. I am empowered, now that I know what to do when my body tells me certain things, I can self-treat and prevent future restrictions from bringing me back to the place where I was before this program.

    - Threasa P.
  • Margie

    Telehealth was easier than I thought. Once you are on, it’s surprisingly as nice as being in the physical therapy office, except that you don’t have to get dressed up! Telehealth works really well because you are in a way, even more, involved in the PT.

    - Margie
  • I came to Arancia PT and Jessica after several years and many different attempts at finding relief from chronic lower back pain, groin pain, and pelvic pain. I had tried traditional physical therapy, rolfing, shiatsu, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, pilates, and even the purchase of an expensive mattress to try and ease the pain. Nothing seemed to make any significant or long-lasting impact on the reduction of my pain. A cousin mentioned myofascial release to me. I have been trying to avoid the more aggressive methods of treatment such as pain meds, surgery or even cortisone shots. I figured at this point I had nothing left to lose…so why not try it? After several weeks of myofascial release therapy with Jessica, I can honestly say I have turned a corner and believe I am on the right trajectory towards healing. Jessica suggested pelvic floor release. For the first time, I can actually say I felt release from a deep, aching, restrictive pain in my groin, pelvis, and sacrum, that nothing seemed to touch. Jessica is the first therapist I’ve encountered who has given me the hope and confidence that I can again move with ease and keep my pain at bay. She is highly professional and knowledgeable on both the obvious and more subtle workings of the body, and provides a safe environment for this deep mind/bodywork. Being 63 yrs.old, it is important to me to keep the aging process from getting the best of me, so I can continue an active and healthy lifestyle well into my 80’s and beyond. I do believe myofascial therapy holds the answers for me, and Jessica is my best choice of therapist!

    - Cathryn
  • It was last year and we were hiking around Mount Hood and I’m going, like, “thank you, Jessica.” I scream it in the woods because it’s like, if I hadn’t met her, I would never, I mean, so many things I can do now that if I didn’t find her and do the things that she’s taught me to do, I wouldn’t be doing the things when I had a place like that when I’m at the top of a mountain, having lunch with my granddaughter and I go like, “wow, I never thought in 2016 at 71, I’d be doing this.

    - Anne F.
  • Having been to more traditional physical therapy- Arancia physical therapy is the next level! The holistic, individualized, and informative approach provided rapid results. From the moment of the first phone call and throughout the treatment episode, the staff was compassionate, knowledgeable, personable, and kind. I sought treatment for a specific issue and we soon realized that the initial concern was only a piece of the puzzle – my hip misalignment was causing over-compensation and compression throughout. Not only was my original complaint resolved (in 4 weeks!), my body alignment corrected and, more importantly, has MAINTAINED. Dr. Jess gives practical tools that are easy to do and integrate into your lifestyle. My exercise routine and overall health have improved greatly. I am so grateful for Arancia PT. I plan to continue ongoing treatment to ensure my mind and body are strong and connected. I personally believe that every person can benefit from myofascial release therapy.

    - Tara B.
  • I went to see Dr. Jess after going to conventional physical therapists with not much help. She assessed my situation and went to work through myofascial release to reduce my pain and stiffness, and get back to normal and feeling good. I would and have recommended Dr. Jess to family and friends. I would not hesitate to go see her and get her outlook on therapy.

    - Carmine D.
  • I sought care from Arancia Physical Therapy because of postpartum pelvic pain and discomfort. Dr. Papa did a thorough assessment and together we came up with treatment goals (which for me, in addition to my pelvic pain, was to treat my chronic neck pain and stiffness). I started treatment just about a month ago and I have already seen tremendous progress in both areas. In fact, I have experienced more progress now in regards to my chronic neck pain than I experienced during 3 previous rounds of physical therapy with other practitioners. Dr. Papa is extremely professional and I have always felt comfortable around her. She has been the most helpful aspect of my postpartum recovery; honestly, I wish I had started seeing her when I was still pregnant! I am so glad I found Arancia Physical Therapy and would highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking physical therapy, especially pelvic floor physical therapy or anyone experiencing postpartum complications.

    - Crosby M.
  • I went to see Dr. Jess after 3 years of dealing with chronic pelvic pain from an old injury. After not getting the help I needed from my gynecologist, I looked into other options. It was at my first appointment that I learned the frequent headaches I was getting were also tied into it. Dr. Jess takes the time to explain everything that’s she’s doing, why she’s doing it, and how it will help. Obviously, dealing with pelvic floor issues can make you feel anxious or uneasy, but Dr. Jess makes you feel comfortable and safe. Since my first 10 sessions with her, my chronic pelvic pain is almost non-existent. Dr. Jess will provide you with stretches to do at home to keep you on track until your next session. I recommend her to anyone looking to get relief from chronic pain.

    - Kathryn C.
  • My overall health and quality of life have greatly improved over the course of 3 months of treatment at Arancia PT. I give five stars in the areas of professionalism, cleanliness, bedside manner, and (most importantly!) effectiveness of treatment. I came to the practice with debilitating pelvic and back pain that was poorly and expensively managed for over 7 years through conventional medicine, injections, massage, and a variety of naturalistic modalities. Compared to my previous experiences, the PTs at Arancia take a novel and holistic approach to pain management that is rooted in a rigorous understanding of human anatomy, musculature, and fascia. I also appreciate that the treatments are effective for relieving longstanding chronic issues, as well as acute pain flare-ups. I now stand straighter, taller, and experience significantly fewer days where pain interferes with my day-to-day tasks.

    - Jessica H.
  • I came to Arancia PT for help with my hypermobility and scoliosis, which have greatly impacted my ability to be active for all of my adult life. I’ve tried every therapy imaginable and I get some relief from some of them some of the time. And then I don’t. I chose to work with Dr. Jessica Papa because she specializes in hypermobility. At first, I wasn’t so sure that her light touch would do much, b/c I’m used to (and love) deep tissue work. But the John Barnes techniques she uses are powerful: we have taken before/after photos of one session and my hiked shoulder or hip have visibly shifted in position and tone. Of course, the challenge is to maintain these changes, and this is a journey requiring patience, openness, and determination. Jessica is an expert guide in this journey: she is present with her whole being and teaches you to tune in to even the subtlest of sensations in the body. She is a true advocate for my goals of achieving greater physical activity (without constant injury) and improved well-being. She has helped me to become more optimistic about my ability to make lasting changes, and for that I am grateful. Currently, I’m starting to get back into bicycle riding as a form of exercise. Grazie, Jessica!

    - Catherine S.
  • Jessica has helped me with back, shoulder, and other orthopedic issues over the last few years. Fantastic results with common sense self-help treatments, which I recommend highly! She is very attentive and responsive!!! You won’t be disappointed!

    - Jonathan F.
  • Since the pandemic started, I have seen Dr. Jess virtually, which is valuable. Dr. Jess taught me techniques and exercises to reset my body at home. Each session is followed by an e-mail that includes pictures and directions for each technique/exercise. I didn’t need special equipment. Dr. Jess made it possible to use household items as substitutes. I highly recommend the virtual sessions for anyone who needs a flexible alternative.

    - Courtney N.
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Jess for over 5 years. The past few years it has been mostly for maintenance so I won’t let myself go back to the condition I was in before treatment (terrible hip pain that I lived with for years). Not only did she treat the main issue which brought me in, but she also explained how all my other smaller issues (neck and jaw) are related to the main cause of my pain. I cannot recommend Dr. Jess/Arancia PT enough, I am so happy I found her, it has truly been a life-changing experience!

    - Gianna P.
  • After receiving traditional physical therapy for two years for a hip injury, I felt little relief. I discovered Arancia Physical Therapy and it made a world of difference. The myofascial release techniques treated the root of my problem. It eliminated almost all of my pain and restored motion for my hip. I am now able to exercise and have an active life thanks to Dr. Jess!

    - Pam M.
  • I went to see Dr. Jessica because standard massages were not always giving me the relief I needed. She assessed and got to work. The technique of relieving pain and stiffness did not hurt. I felt a release of the tightness. After the sessions, I felt very relaxed but very “fluid”. I could stand up straighter. I highly recommend Dr. Jessica!!

    - Kathy S.
  • Fantastic experience, Dr. Jess has greatly reduced my pain and significantly eliminated my migraines, while allowing me to get off of harmful medications that were not providing relief. Truly amazing work!

    - Matt M.
  • If I was to look back at it now from where I am, from where I started, this has been a blessing. Now that I’m on the other side I’m grateful that it happened. A better person and healthier in many more respects as a result of what I have to go through with the self-treatment.

    - Sandra C.
  • I went to Jessica for a dry needling treatment I had an excellent experience! The treatment left me feeling energized, and Jessica made me feel comfortable during the treatment…she is extremely knowledgeable and is continually furthering her education. I highly recommend her for dry needling or any physical therapy treatment. She is the best!

    - Stacey F
  • Much more then physical treatment, its a real healing! Jessica’s professional skills are undisputable, she is the knowledgeable teacher of body wisdom, a sensitive and patient guide of rebuilding body-mind connection as an essential part of health and wellness.

    - Anna G
  • After going to therapy for my back with no relief, I was able to get relief. Jessica takes her time and can tell exactly where your body needs therapy. Highly recommend

    - Joan L
  • Jess takes the time to listen, provides undivided attention throughout the entire session, and is completely transparent about the process behind her technique. She is extremely professional and provides tips for home that fit both my work and recreational life styles.

    - Melynda S
  • Dr. Jess is amazing!!! This was my first time seeing a physical therapist and the experience was incredible. She listened to my issues and then assessed my condition, explaining to me what she was going to work on and why she was focusing on that specific area. I know very little when it comes to the human body but I feel like I know a little more after my visit with Dr. Jess. Every concern I told her about, she patiently took the time to show me where the pain was coming from and why it was happening. Dr. Jess is a wealth of knowledge and I am so grateful I found her! You can tell she takes pride in her work and that her only goal is getting you better. I highly recommend Dr. Jess to anyone who is looking for a physical therapist.

    - Caitlyn R
  • Jessica Papa is a consummate professional. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my initial visit but, I couldn’t have been happier or more impressed with her work. I’ve been experiencing lots of pain in my neck and shoulders. Her approach includes several different techniques. Jessica also teaches you how to improve your outcome with exercises and stretching that you can do on your own. I’m thrilled that I found Arancia PT and Jessica Papa!

    - Ann S
  • I am so happy to have found Jess! I only wish I had found her sooner! I feel like when I’m there my needs are being met & my concerns are being heard. She genuinely cares about helping people and takes the time to explain educates her clients by explaining what she is doing and how it will help. Highly recommend!!!

    - Cristiana V
  • I highly recommend Jessica Papas. Each time I see her I feel better and more in alignment. I finally have full range of motion in my neck after 8 years of limited movement. I am in far less pain then when we began. The funny thing about pain is that sometimes you have no idea how bad it is until it’s gone. I truly feel transformed.

    - Carolyn M
  • I was struggling with lower back issues for over a year. Nothing seemed to be helping me get better. I’m an active person and my mental health was being affected by the constant pain. A massage therapist suggested I try Myofascial Release. I found Arancia Physical Therapy while researching Myofascial Release. Jessica has a wealth of knowledge about the body and I feel like I have a better understanding of what my body needs to function properly. She’s been amazing at treating my whole body while educating me throughout the process. Regular sessions have been an investment in myself and I’m so happy with the results. The work she does is so much more than Physical Therapy. I would highly recommend her. Your body will love you for it.

    - Gladys E
  • After having a plate put on my collarbone after an accident I tried everything to improve my range of motion and pain. Pt and chiropractor visits didn’t improve my situation. At Arancia the approach was very different and got my tight and achey shoulder moving extremely well! The range of motion has improved as well as my posture from the treatments. If you have pain from trauma or surgeries I highly recommend Dr. Jessica Papa at Arancia!

    - Doug Q
  • Dr. Jess is amazing! I started seeing her weekly for knee pain about a month ago, and truly feel like a new person. Dr. Jess is full of so much knowledge about the human body, and took the time to make sure I understood the impact of my misalignment. I highly recommend!!

    - Kat L
  • I was in pain for over 3 years until I saw Dr. Jess. Every other PT and chiropractor was treating the symptoms of my pain, rather than fixing the issue–my misalignment. Not only has Dr. Jess kept me aligned and shown me how to stay aligned, but my muscles are more relaxed than they’ve ever been. If you’re looking for more than a quick fix, go see Dr. Jess. She explains every move and every reason with patience and professionalism. She’s simply the best!

    - Shannon B
  • Dr. Papa is an amazing professional. Very smart, extremely well read and always learning more about how to provide the best empirical treatments for her patients. Her sessions are well thought out and she provides helpful explanations throughout the session. She a brings a new level of educated compassion and empathy to Physical Therapy.

    - John S
  • After years of chronic neck/jaw pain, I was told I had a degenerative disc in my neck and I would just have to live with it. I attempted different medications that my doctor thought would help (migraine meds). I went to Performance Physical therapy and never got any relief. I was taking Advil way too often. My chiropractor was good but unfortunately couldn’t get me out of pain. She recommended Arancia. As a last resort I figured I would give it a try. It was this or cortisone shots in my neck, which I was not looking forward to. I started going to Arancia in September of 2018 and I’m so grateful for Jessica. I am excited for treatments and truly feel she has helped me manage my pain. I get the pain less often and less severe, so I’m able to avoid Advil for the most part. I know I still have more healing to accomplish and I didn’t get this way overnight, but starting treatment at Arancia has been one of the best decisions for me. Thank you!!!😉

    - Ashley G
  • After being discharged from several weeks of physical therapy in another location, I was “graduated” in spite of my ongoing upper back pain. I then met with a neurologist who told me that I needed to see a myofascial physical therapist. Until then, no health care provider had used that very accurate term to describe my problem. I was fortunate to find Dr. Jessica Papa. After seeing her for several months, my level of pain has diminished. After witnessing her approach, technique, and demeanor, it quickly becomes apparent that Dr. Jess is committed to helping those in pain. She has a deep understanding about why the body behaves as it does, and because of this, she is able to effectively treat and advise her patients. I highly recommend her!

    - Colleen K
  • If you are in pain and feeling a bit hopeless, you need Arancia PT in your life. Dr. Jess is simply amazing at what she does and approach works wonders. If you give her the time and a little patience, she will help you realign and feel better. I have worked with her for over 4 years and she has successfully diagnosed and helped me come back from numerous sports related injuries. She has also helped me with general health issues like migraines and sinus pressure… her approach is a wholistic one and she truly cares about the health and happiness of her patients!

    - Gina L
  • I’ve been seeing Dr. Jessica Papa for about a year, and I can’t begin to tell you how much she has helped me. I was in pretty much constant pain every day ranging from my jaw, hips, knees, ankles, and hands. I also was having constant tension headaches that were pretty debilitating. After the first month of seeing Jess I could feel an incredible difference in my quality of life. At a year later I nearly never have head aches and only have the smallest of alignment problems in my hips that no longer radiate pain through out my entire body. She also gave me tips on things I could do at home that would maintain the work she had done with me. I couldn’t be happier with the results that I have had. Jess is kind and welcoming and I never feel uncomfortable. She explains everything in terms that I can understand and I really don’t have a single bad thing I could say. Seriously, if your thinking about getting MFR therapy I would highly recommend her.

    - Grace T
  • After many doctors, MRIs, conventional PT programs and Xrays for back pain, I was fortunate to have found Dr. Jess! She was able to diagnose my issues. Not my back at all! But rather the pain was coming from my pelvic floor. Who knew? Dr. Jess not only knew, but treated me with knowledge, compassion and results.

    - Carol F
  • ARANCIA is the ANSWER I have spent years looking for while suffering with aches, pains, and unexplained symptoms!! Dr. Jessica Papa is NOT your typical physical therapist who will have you cycle or walk for 10 minutes, watch you do stretches, or administer a quick treatment. The Myofascial Release (MFR) and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) treatments that Dr. Papa has performed on me have been effective in assisting my body in the healing process. Before I started working with her I was convinced that I would need to have a knee replacement within a few months. I am very happy to report that I am now convinced that I will be able to avoid knee surgery and feel hopeful for the first time in years that I will also be able to heal from arthritis and pelvic floor problems enough to get back to being an active and vibrant woman who is thoroughly enjoying her 50’s! Dr. Papa is a rare gem of a practitioner who puts her heart and soul into her work and her patients!! I feel so fortunate to have found ARANCIA, and although it has been a significant investment of money and time, I am SO GLAD that I am doing it! My health is worth it, because without it I can’t live the life I desire and deserve!! I recommend that anyone who is considering it should definitely at least schedule an informational meeting with Dr. Papa at ARANCIA!

    - Rebecca C
  • Arancia Physical has made all the difference in my chronic severe back pain. As soon as you arrive. you feel the warmth, caring, and professionalism. Their personalized approach to my back pain turned my life around,… Within a month of treatment. After years of pain, I am now living my life without Advil. I will never go anywhere else!

    - Marjie D
  • Dr. Jessica and her staff are dedicated, professional, and compassionate. This type of therapy has helped me get back to moving with a deeper understanding of the connectedness of the human body. This healing process and understanding are facilitated by expert hands and experience in MFR. Thank you Dr.Jessica Papa!

    - Christine E
  • Fantastic experience, she has greatly reduced my pain and significantly eliminated my migraines, while allowing me to get off of harmful medications that were not providing relief. Truly amazing work!

    - Matt M
  • Pain is an unpleasant phenomenon that’s universal to the human experience. We all know what it is. We’ve all had it. But yet, it’s so difficult to put into words exactly what pain is or understand what causes it. This can be a source of stress and frustration for many people suffering from chronic pain, particularly when they’ve had MRIs that say everything is normal or they’ve been told by doctors that “it’s all in your head”. In her book “Conquering Mystery Pain”, Dr. Jessica Papa explains how the body’s fascial system can be a source of this invisible but, real pain. She uses a mix of science along with beautiful, visual analogies and metaphors to make the content accessible to readers both with and without medical backgrounds. She paints a picture of the fascial system like the thin skin on the inside of an orange, and she describes how this tightly interconnected system affects the whole body, not just the immediate area of pain. Furthermore, she parallels the journey of a chronic pain patient with her own personal journey recovering from emotional pain, and she describes how physical and emotional pain are also tightly interconnected. Finally, Dr. Papa describes a technique that she uses to work through the multiple layers of the fascial system, like peeling through the layers of an orange, in order to help her clients heal from both physical AND emotional pain. If you either deal with chronic “mystery pain” personally, or if you work with patients or clients who do, this book is full of enlightening information that may completely revolutionize your understanding of pain.

    - Dave C.
  • As someone who searched for over a decade for an answer to a mystery medical condition, I know what it’s like to search for answers and face disappointment over and over again. If you’ve searched hard and wide for answers to your pain, Dr. Jess has written the book for you. Her own personal experience combined with her professional experience makes the concepts of myofascial release easy to understand and includes so many great ways to begin self-care at home.

    - Joni
  • Amazing read with such insight! Jessica finally describes pain in a way that I could understand and provides steps to getting through it. I never thought about myofascial release as being as essential as it is to not only the recovery process but also for day to day life to live your best. Love it already and recommend for anyone who’s currently struggling with pain and feels like nothing is working.

    - Christine A.
  • When it comes to the human body I have always felt that I’m well versed in different types of treatment. I’ve read on all things physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathic, etc. I have even heard of myofascial release but not to the depth Dr. Papa dives in to. Her vast knowledge with practical tips and advice in her book has already begun to positively affect my life. I can’t wait to recommend this book to more friends and family!!

    - Mat P.
  • I have been a practicing physical therapist for nearly 25 years, and I have a rudimentary knowledge of what John Barnes Myofascial techniques are but didn’t know the full extent of what they are capable of. Dr. Papa does an excellent job in explaining the fascial system and how MFR techniques truly help patients relieve their pain syndromes and return to a happy, and healthy, life. This book provides shares stories of how we should treat the patient more than just their physical issue, but through whole-person care. Dr. Papa also shares her personal journey, and the pain involved, to show how we are also humans and how we can better understand our patients and what they experience. I recommend this book to every physical therapist to better understand how we should perform whole-person care on all our patients.

    - M. Vertson
  • I am a newer patient to Dr. Jess…she is amazing…her book easily explains the deep roots of your pain and how it came to be. Her approach is gentle but firm and lets you know you are responsible for healing. She is the facilitator. Her book is enlightening and explains where your pain is centered and why. After 3 sessions I can walk up and downstairs with no pain and self-restriction. I am a work in progress and feel blessed to have found her I feel finally someone gets it, gets me, and is going to help me reach my health goals…as it is said people want to be heard and understood…Dr. Jess does that and more…read her book and be enlightened.

    - Sandra C.
  • She listens and she cares she gives you great individualized care.

    - Joan L