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Category: Neck

Carolyn M

Jul6th 2020

I highly recommend Jessica Papas. Each time I see her I feel better and more in alignment. I finally have full range of motion in my neck after 8 years of limited movement

Shannon B

Jul6th 2020

If you're looking for more than a quick fix, go see Dr. Jess. She explains every move and every reason with patience and professionalism. She's simply the best!

Ashley G

Jul6th 2020

I’m so grateful for Jessica. I am excited for treatments and truly feel she has helped me manage my pain. I get the pain less often and less severe, so I’m able to avoid Advil for the most part. I know I still have more healing to accomplish and I didn’t get this way overnight, but starting treatment at Arancia has been one of the best decisions for me.

John S

Jun9th 2020

I was in a car accident 40 years and have been dealing with neck pain, restricted motion, and constant headaches almost daily. Dr. Papa is an exceptional physical therapist and together we made a plan to get me out of pain quickly. She is an incredible healer and recommend her if you want lasting relief.