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Catherine S.


I came to Arancia PT for help with my hypermobility and scoliosis, which have greatly impacted my ability to be active for all of my adult life. I’ve tried every therapy imaginable and I get some relief from some of them some of the time. And then I don’t. I chose to work with Dr. Jessica Papa because she specializes in hypermobility. At first, I wasn’t so sure that her light touch would do much, b/c I’m used to (and love) deep tissue work. But the John Barnes techniques she uses are powerful: we have taken before/after photos of one session and my hiked shoulder or hip have visibly shifted in position and tone. Of course, the challenge is to maintain these changes, and this is a journey requiring patience, openness, and determination. Jessica is an expert guide in this journey: she is present with her whole being and teaches you to tune in to even the subtlest of sensations in the body. She is a true advocate for my goals of achieving greater physical activity (without constant injury) and improved well-being. She has helped me to become more optimistic about my ability to make lasting changes, and for that I am grateful. Currently, I’m starting to get back into bicycle riding as a form of exercise. Grazie, Jessica!