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Dave C.


Pain is an unpleasant phenomenon that’s universal to the human experience. We all know what it is. We’ve all had it. But yet, it’s so difficult to put into words exactly what pain is or understand what causes it. This can be a source of stress and frustration for many people suffering from chronic pain, particularly when they’ve had MRIs that say everything is normal or they’ve been told by doctors that “it’s all in your head”. In her book “Conquering Mystery Pain”, Dr. Jessica Papa explains how the body’s fascial system can be a source of this invisible but, real pain. She uses a mix of science along with beautiful, visual analogies and metaphors to make the content accessible to readers both with and without medical backgrounds. She paints a picture of the fascial system like the thin skin on the inside of an orange, and she describes how this tightly interconnected system affects the whole body, not just the immediate area of pain. Furthermore, she parallels the journey of a chronic pain patient with her own personal journey recovering from emotional pain, and she describes how physical and emotional pain are also tightly interconnected. Finally, Dr. Papa describes a technique that she uses to work through the multiple layers of the fascial system, like peeling through the layers of an orange, in order to help her clients heal from both physical AND emotional pain. If you either deal with chronic “mystery pain” personally, or if you work with patients or clients who do, this book is full of enlightening information that may completely revolutionize your understanding of pain.