The Fascial Network: Enlightened Movement

Written by: Dr. Jessica Papa, PT, DPT

In this blog, we will discuss Myofascial Release and Myofascial Unwinding. Myofascial Unwinding is an important component of MFR treatment. These techniques provide a new and fundamental way of accessing the consciousness of the body, and the mind. 
Coming to Awareness

When a person becomes an engaged participant in their therapy, a transformation of mind and body occurs, referred to as Enlightened Movement. Musculoskeletal and neurochemical influences create soft tissue restrictions on the mind and body. 

Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychiatrist, diverged from Freud in 1913 frustrated with the limitations of viewing the psyche as a closed system. He studied unconscious awareness and memories shared by a whole species known as the collective unconscious. These memories or archetypes of behavior are unconscious, yet available to ensure many things including survival.

The link between the mind and body has long been realized and studied. What one processes and accepts as reality, is truly reality for that individual. It is here that we are able to search for clues in the connection of an individuals memory and mind-body. 
The Body Speaks Its Mind

The body stores stress and soft tissue pain in certain patterns known as trigger points, muscle spasms, tension, headaches, etc. You are likely to have identified this in yourself, and your body’s own method of storing the body’s accumulation of pressure. Normally, these factors including stress and tension naturally dissipate with rest, relaxation, and exercise. However, when these factors are unable to properly eliminate, chronic pain patterns emerge and the system breaks down.  

Holding these patterns of tension for long periods causes the fascial system to adaptively shorten and puts immense pressure on the entire body including your nerves, muscles and vascular structure. In the long run, this lessens your tolerance to life stress and quickens the onset of physical pain. Accommodating these forces out of habit will lead to poor postural changes, structural misalignment and contribute to some disease states such as degenerative joint conditions and other systematic complaints. 

When these issues are combined with trauma, accidents, injuries or violence, the system has to deal with an overwhelming amount of threats. This includes somatic, bodily injury, and physic or emotional injury. This leads to potential physical and emotional booby traps, which can influence behavior and initiate pain under stress.

Rather than looking at symptoms as entities in and of themselves, which must be manipulated, medicated or “fixed”, therapists trained in Myofascial Release look for the cause of dysfunction, then seek to reestablish balance within the body. MFR is an effective tool in the healing of the injured mind and body. It can transform your physical and emotional pain into a state of balance, as you work to integrate body and mind through movement and inner awareness.

We don’t want you to wait any longer to start feeling better! 

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