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What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release is an innovative physical therapy that has been practiced in its modern form since the 1960s. It is a therapy that involves the gentle application of pressure at various points of restriction in the fascia in order to relieve pain or restore motion. If you have never heard of fascia, you are not alone. Very few people are aware that there is tissue that covers more of you than your skin, and that it can be the source of many problems and issues you may be facing in your daily life.

Fascia is like an Orange.

My favorite analogy when explaining fascia is that of an orange. When we peel an orange, it easily separates into slices that are divided by a sturdy, transparent tissue. The tissue in the orange sections is similar to the fascia under our skin. The slices of oranges are held together under the thick, outer skin by a thin, white layer of pith, which is analogous to the superficial fascial layers that run throughout our bodies. In the very center of the orange there is a long, white center that keeps the orange connected and intact until it’s pulled off or the slices are physically separated. This center connector is much like the deeper fascial layer beneath our skin. These deeper fascial layers hold our muscle and organs apart from one another, yet simultaneously hold them together in the same layer underneath our skin.

Because of the overreaching nature of your fascial system, when damage occurs there is a long spring of consequences throughout your many other systems. It is vulnerable for the exact reason it is so very strong: it is everywhere.

When an injury occurs and the physicality of fascia is altered through trauma, emotional or physical, it loses the pliable characteristics that are so very important to its function. The fascia can “bunch up” when patterns are broken and over adjusting occurs at the point of damage. When this happens, the layers of fascia are no longer uniform and can instead form knots, similar to those in a piece of lumber. These knots eventually restrict motion and can render certain movements impossible.

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Reviews From My Book On Myofascial Release

Amazing read with such insight! Jessica finally describes pain in a way that I could understand and provides steps to getting through it.

- Christine A.

Dr. Papa does an excellent job in explaining the fascial system and how MFR techniques truly help patients relieve their pain syndromes and return to a happy, and healthy, life.

- M. Vertson

I have even heard of myofascial release but not to the depth Dr. Papa dives in to. Her vast knowledge with practical tips and advice in her book has already begun to positively affect my life. I can’t wait to recommend this book to more friends and family!!

- Mat P.

I am a newer patient to Dr. Jess…she is amazing…her book easily explains the deep roots of your pain and how it came to be.

- Sandra C.

As someone who searched for over a decade for an answer to a mystery medical condition, I know what it’s like to search for answers and face disappointment over and over again. If you’ve searched hard and wide for answers to your pain, Dr. Jess has written the book for you.

- Joni

In her book “Conquering Mystery Pain”, Dr. Jessica Papa explains how the body’s fascial system can be a source of this invisible but, real pain. If you either deal with chronic “mystery pain” personally, or if you work with patients or clients who do, this book is full of enlightening information that may completely revolutionize your understanding of pain.

- Dave C.