What You Must Know Before You Strengthen!

Written by: Dr. Jessica Papa, PT, DPT


Before adding strengthening exercises, the JFB MFR approach works the body to restore balance, evenness, ease of movement, and flexibility. If strengthening happens first, the postural dysfunctions could end up being stuck in place longer than if they were stretched out first. Depending on the person, various types of movement or exercises may be appropriate. While some people may fare well with a short walk, others may be more equipped for a rigorous hike. It is important to be in tune with your body to understand what type of activity is most suited for you.

Myofascial stretching elongates and stretches deep muscles which supports the opening we create within the body. Occasionally, patients will experience weakness after a treatment. If that happens, there are strengthening exercises that can help put the body in its natural, proper alignment. These are called “neuromuscular retraining activities”.