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"We HELP WOMEN Care For Their BODIES and Their BREASTS"

Can You Relate To These?

  • Have you ever felt something abnormal in your breast(s) and wondered what to do?
  • Ever wondered if you could prevent or detect breast cancer?
  • Wondering how you know if you are at risk?
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As a women’s health specialist and myofascial release expert, I often receive questions like the ones above from patients both before and after mastectomy regarding their limitations, recovery time, exercise routines, pain control, and aftercare.

This year, thousands of women in the United States diagnosed with breast cancer will undergo a mastectomy. If you are reading this, chances are you or someone you know is considering mastectomy.

Much of what you will read here will apply to all mastectomy patients, whether choosing to undergo reconstruction or not. Of course, everyone’s experience will differ slightly as should their treatment sessions.

Caring for your body and your breast health is something you can start now – helping to not only protect yourself from diseases like breast cancer but also to keep things prim, outside and in. Now is the best time to start treating yourself well and factoring in preventative measures. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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Aftercare following a mastectomy is vital.

In case your surgeon or any other medical professional you trust didn’t tell you, it’s massively important to treat your scars. The very first thing that the scalpel cuts into with any surgery is the connective tissue, aka your fascial system. Fascia lays over muscle and goes all the way down to the cellular level. This is where inflammation begins and brews. If scars are left untreated, they can develop adhesions that will continue to dehydrate the fascial system, ultimately affecting surrounding areas, causing neck, shoulder, head, even jaw issues. Scarring from breast augmentation or chemotherapy and radiation can cause significant restrictions that affect the breast tissue, as well as posture, which can contribute to chest, abdominal, shoulder, and neck pain. I urge you to find an authentic myofascial release specialist near you, to address your scars and surrounding tissue.

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What is Authentic MFR?

Authentic MFR is a whole-body approach that addresses the mind and body together. Remember, we don’t want to push tissue with techniques like massage, although they can be relaxing, it only will address the 20% of superficial elastin tissue that is at the surface level. We want to get down to the deepest layer of tissue known as the ground substance, for which only authentic John Barnes MFR will do.

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