Telehealth- The PT Experience, Right from Home!

Written by: Caeley Brennan, Client Care Coordinator


One of the positive things to have come out of this crazy year, is the greater utilization of telehealth, across all therapies. Telehealth is an awesome tool in a therapist’s toolbelt because it’s a way to help people who are not only at greater risk but for those who have hectic schedules and other responsibilities at home that would preclude them from having enough time to come into the clinic.

Here Are Just 5 of the Many Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy:

1. Convenience

One of the best parts of telehealth is convenience. There’s no commute, no hassle, no need to leave your house! Something that we hear from patients all the time is that with work and other responsibilities, they don’t have much time to carve out for their health. Telehealth makes this easy because you can get PT right from home; you don’t even need to change out of your pajamas! This can be a major factor in why people switch over to telehealth when someone has young children. Finding a babysitter is not always easy, and this way you are saving money and spending more time with your kids. 

2. Individualized, Expert Advice

Hands-on care is not the only thing that a PT can offer you. Most of what you are getting when you see a PT is their expert opinion and advice. In fact, Dr. Jess has already had so much success in coaching patients through their exercises and stretches, using modalities that you have right at home! While her hands are a great modality, they are not the only ones that can be utilized for effective treatment.

3. Precise Feedback on Your Home Exercise Plan

Creating a solid home self-care plan is key to future proof your body and mind for life! When the PT can see your home environment and create the most individualized home care plan based on your surroundings in your home, this is how you’re most likely going to find success in your routine. It’s also a chance to see how you’re doing things and give on the spot corrections and suggestions. Normally, a PT will give you a sheet of paper with instructions then send you home to figure it out on your own. When you’re utilizing telehealth, you will know for sure how to correctly execute your stretches and exercises, leaving nothing up for chance!

4. Get your Partner/Children/Pets Involved!

When you are doing your at-home program, it’s not your Doctor or PT that will be there to help you. That will be either your partner, children, siblings, roommates, etc. Telehealth is a great way to get those people in your life involved in your healing process and allow your therapist to help coach them on what to do. Home is where the heart is, and it is also where you can’t escape those needy kids/pets! Maybe you need to hold your baby while doing a stretch or find a way to multitask without sacrificing your treatment. Maybe you just have a needy puppy that likes to be sitting on your lap. This is a great chance for your therapist to get insight on what’s REALLY going on at home, and how to juggle and work these “set-backs” into your routine! That way, you are getting the face time and understanding that is the most important piece of physical therapy.

5. Safety

We are living in a crazy time period. The best way to keep you and your loved ones safe is by having as little outings as possible. Although we ensure our practice is a safe place to be, it’s unrefuted that the best chances of staying safe and healthy are by limiting your travels. That being said, telehealth is a great way to social distance without having to sacrifice your health and progress. Pain relief and stress management are more critical now than they have ever been, it would be terrible to have to go through this pandemic without telehealth being an option. 

Pandemic-related reasons aside, telehealth has so many incredible benefits. Before COVID-19 I know I would have still looked for any reason to stay in my pajamas! Telehealth allows you to fully participate in self-care without any of the sacrifices.

For more information on telehealth as well as a free download on some frequently asked questions about telehealth, check out our website: One of our Rockstar patients had this to say about her experience:

“Telehealth was easier than I thought. Once you are on, it’s surprisingly as nice as being in the physical therapy office, except that you don’t have to get dressed up! Telehealth works really well because you are in a way, even more, involved in the PT.”

– Margie

Written by Caeley Brennan, Client Care Coordinator at Arancia Physical Therapy

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